Fast and furious.

Pitbull, Camila Cabello and J Balvin drop their Fast & Furious soundtrack song, “Hey Ma.”

Pitbull filmed a Miami-themed music video for his new collaboration with Camila Cabello and J Balvin this month, but the original would have looked and sounded entirely different. According to Mr. Worldwide, the original version featured Britney Spears and Romeo Santos, but after playing it for The Fate of the Furious execs, they wanted Camila and Balvin in instead. And here we are.

“Funny story behind that,” Pitbull told “At first, it was me and Romeo Santos, Britney Spears was on the record. [The] Fast and Furious [team] ends up loving the record. And they brought on board J Balvin and Camila Cabello. So, it’s been an interesting journey.” He adds the original version with Britney and Santos may be released at some point. “You never know, there might be a remix with Romeo and Britney in the future. But it was an honor to be able to work with Britney.”

I could use new song from Britney right about now, but it’s hard to imagine her vocals on it after hearing Camila. “Hey Ma” is sung entirely in Spanish (minus the times Camila purrs, “I need you”) and features sunny production, warbly synths, Pitbull’s signature whaling, slick verses from J Balvin and Cabello’s sugary sweet sound. After a little reflection, it was definitely the right move to swap Britney out.

In the clip, Camila, Pitbull and J Balvin light up the streets of Miami with their festive dancing and sultry stares. Watch below:

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