Pink Talks About Her New Album With Dallas Green

Pink and Dallas Green’s band, You+Me, talk him+her.

The two sat down to talk about each song off their new album “rose ave.” Don’t get distracted by Pink’s outfit or the fact she keeps staring off into the distance – she actually provides a lot of interesting insight.

Here are some highlights:

The song is moody (like them).

From A Closet In Norway (Oslo Blues):
Pink became inspired after watching Kate Blanchette’s speech at the Oscars, saying women dominated the movie industry… and the earth is round.

Would she be OK if her popularity/fame gently faded away?

Love Gone Wrong:
The song came about while she was running on the treadmill in Chicago. The song is “easy.”

You and Me:
She enjoyed choosing the key every time, and reminded her of old Peter, Paul and Mary.

She didn’t love it at first… wanted it to be happier and faster. And now it is.

Second Guess:
She speaks in a New York accent. Something about volley ball.

Break The Cycle:
A slow song dedicated to Pink’s mom.

Open Door:
A slow song dedicated to Dallas Green’s mom and dad.

No Ordinary Love:
Dallas Green’s favorite cover ever (by Sade).

Ch-ch-check it out: