Pink was performing Wednesday night at LA’s Avalon, and shocked the crowd with a dedication. She threw some loving towards Britney Spears.

Pink surprised her fans by dedicating “Don’t Let Me Get Me” to Britney Spears.

Pink told the audience she has always loved Spears and wanted everyone to send Brit some “good energy and love because she could use it right about now.” This was an evident reference to Spears’ recent public turmoil in the press. The crowd reacted by cheering and breaking out in loud bouts of laughter.

The singer preceded a rousing performance of Get The Party Started by telling the audience she had always loved Britney so wanted them to join together and send Spears “good energy and love because she could use it right now.”

However, not all of the crowd at the Avalon venue felt Pink’s goodwill, with some of them laughing at the suggestion.

Pregnant Spears has been in the headlines in recent weeks over her parenting skills and troubled relationship with husband Kevin Federline, who is commonly thought to be a bit of a layabout loser.

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