“The one.”

Pink’s interview with the New York Times is the gift that keeps on giving.

The more you dive into it, the more gems you’ll discover. She slammed producer Dr. Luke, saying the terrible predicament he’s current in is his karma and says it’s because he’s “not a good person.” Read the full story here.

Pink also expressed her thoughts on ageism in the music industry. Leading up to Beautiful Trauma, the singer said she braced herself for the radio to show disinterest in the new music because they don’t play artists under 35-years-old “unless you’re Beyonce.”

And now we get a Britney/Christina mention. Perf! She opened up about her life as a singer who was never “the one” – a major super star – which is hilarious because it’s completely untrue; her humility is actually really endearing.

“I’ve never won the popularity contest,” she said. “I was never as big as Britney or Christina. If you look at any paragraph about pop music, I don’t get mentioned — my name doesn’t come up. And yet, here I go again, right under the wave, duck-diving.”

What’s most interesting about that quote is Pink built part of her reputation off of NOT being “one” of those girls. That was her shtick, and it undoubtedly worked.

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