Worst kept secret of 2017.

Pink admits her track with Eminem was the worst kept secret of 2017, so she’s finally opening up about it.

Well, that and Trump’s affiliation to Russia.

Yup, the singer’s forthcoming record features Eminem on a song called “Revenge.” They even reportedly filmed a music video for it already. We don’t know much about the track, but since Pink was confronted about it in her new interview for Lorraine, she decided to divulge a couple of details.

How’d the collaboration come about? “I reached out to him in this case. I love him, I’ve always loved him, I think he’s a lyric genius and I just wrote him a love letter,” she said. “I’d written the song, I went to the studio, I drank a lot of wine, I wrote ‘Revenge,’ and then I went home and I drank more wine… and I wrote him an email,” and the rest is history.

She also agrees there will be some lyrics that will shock people. “It’s a funny song, it’s funny,” she said. “It’s fun. There’s nothing serious about it.” Pink’s mom even gave her stamp approval.

Watch below:

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