“But I’ve got you.”

P!nk kicked off the Hurts 2B Human era with lead single, “Walk Me Home,” then tapped Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons for “Hustle,” followed by a Ryan Tedder-co-penned bop, “Can We Pretend,” featuring Cash Cash. She also shined a light on the album title track, which now has a music video.

On the song, P!nk sings about relief that pure love and bliss offers.

Will you make it sound so pretty even when it’s not?
Didn’t choose but it’s the only one we’ve got
And sometimes I get so tired
Of getting tired up my thoughts
You’re the only one that often makes it stop

It’s refreshing to hear P!nk sing without all of the production gymnastics; this sounds like something we’d hear on her earlier albums. The Khalid feature is also stellar – everything his immense talent touches turns to gold.

Check out the newly-premiered video below:

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