Pink drops by Good Morning America to promote her new effort that encourages kids to be more active.


We want new music from Pink, but she’s busy saving the world.

During her visit on Good Morning America on Monday (Nov. 30), Pink admits she should have new tunes for us soon, but right now her focus is saving the lives of malnourished children across the globe.

UNICEF named Pink their newest ambassador. Together, they launched an initiative that urges kids in the U.S. to be participate in physical activity by wearing a UNICEF Kid Power Band, a “child-friendly fitness band that encourages exercise through an interactive app,” reports ABC. “Kids can earn points by doing things like taking 12,000 steps a day or completing a goal. As the children earn points, UNICEF’s partners will provide the funds needed to send the food packets to places like Haiti.”

“When you get to see it with your own eyes and you see that something works, then it’s a lot easier to get behind and advocate for it and try to make other people aware of it,” Pink said.

“They found a brilliant way, and a fun way, to get kids here involved and empowered and motivated, and they are also turning them into global citizens and they get to be hands-on.”

Watch her appearance below:

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