Old-school Pink.

P!nk’s Linda Perry-penned song “Halfway Gone” will give you the feels.

Perry has worked with really incredible artists over the years. Usually when singers and songwriters collaborate, they create a ton of material. Only a fraction of it ends up seeing the light of day, and the rest is left on the cutting room floor. That’s a real shame, and Perry knows it. She scooped up some of those tracks and unleashed them onto the Served Like a Girl documentary soundtrack, including one with Pink titled “Halfway Gone.” Others featured on the soundtrack include Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani and Natasha Beddingfield.

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Pink collaborated with Perry on 2001’s “Get The Party Started.” It’s not clear when “Halfway Gone” was recorded, but her vocals sound pre-The Truth About Love. In other words, it’s my guess that the song is ancient and there’s something beautiful about that.

The track is about wanting to help someone, yet they refuse. “It’s sad that I can’t be there / Cause I know that you’re sinking,” she sings over guitars and drums. “If only I could be there / And if you think you’re happy / Then I know that you’re crazy / Cause if it makes you happy / Then I’m halfway gone.”

This is a gem. Thank you, Perry.

Listen below:

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