What’s a girl to do when her and her man’s relationship is under fire?


Check out these new shots of Britney and Jason playing the happy couple during their trip to Mexico last weekend. Britney even said it was her best birthday ever. Some BreatheHeavy members aren’t buying it though.

One reader said:


“I really can’t decide if this was a ‘look how happy we are’ or ‘look how fu–ing rich I am so yall can **** my d–k’ photoshoot…”

Another said:


“Its weird seeing them like that though, I mean they look great together and happy, but whenever theyre out and about its like they’re just.. I don’t know buddies? Like they’re never holding hands or anything. I can see why, but you guys know what I mean? Its a little weird.”



“I am happy she is getting positive press as opposed to negative. But these stories and pictures were so fake to me. They were trying too hard to make it seem perfect. When i was reading the US weekly one it was a source told us they had breakfast in bed, a source told us they ate red velvet cake shipped all the way from LA, a source told us… the source sounded like her team making up whatever sounded nice.

And then we have the one quote about it being the best b-day of her life, i was thinking really? not the huge 18th b-day jive gave. Not your 21st. i understand if it was one of her best b-day but the best. I don’t know like the Hawaii vacation seemed real to me and they looked happy. This one is just weird.”

Thoughts? Was this a relaxing vacation, or a little eye candy to distract us from what’s really going down?

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