Free Pia Mia, tbh.

A few years ago Pia Mia was one of pop’s most promising stars yet after her second single underperformed on the charts everything went radio silent.

“Do It Again” was a banger, “Touch” is an absolutely exquisite pop song that was cruelly ignored, she can dance, she can really SING for days, and she’s absolutely gorgeous. What more did she have to do? We’ll never know.

Recently, the 20-year-old has started retweeting fans demanding her album, and has acknowledged the three-year delay (“Girl I’ve had an album ready for every year”, she said when a fan asked if it’s coming this year).

So, the sudden appearance of “Disarm You” is more likely a reactionary self-leak born from her frustration (à la JoJo) rather than the new single release we’ve all been waiting for.

Whatever it is, we hope her label is listening: “Disarm You” is a brilliant pop ballad that could absolutely win at radio right now and, more importantly, showcases her incredible vocals.

(Update: it’s a cover of Kaskade’s 2015 track of the same name, yet she does it 50x better.)

“I know somewhere we could get away / If you want to another place, love / Disappear and never leave a trace / Take you anywhere you want / So let me disarm you / There’s an army fight I’m fighting around your heart.”

It’s lovely to hear Pia Mia’s voice again and the fact “Disarm You” is so good makes her situation all the more frustrating; hopefully this is the start of something new.

Listen to “Disarm You” below.

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