East Side internist Holly Phillips has advice for Britney Spears after the pregnant singer has been shown recently inhaling hubby Kevin Federline’s second-hand smoke, eating fast food, and bragging about having *** three times a day. “Spotting midterm is grounds for a high-risk pregnancy,” Phillips said, referring to Spears’ bleeding incident. “Britney may need to be put on ‘pelvic rest,’ which may include full-time bed rest and no ***.” Phillips added, “Spears needs to slow down on the heavy fast food, and remove herself from the potential damage of second-hand smoke from her husband. Britney’s pregnancy can be adversely affected by smoking and second-hand smoke. She should focus on ultimate health and relaxation.” The singer’s rep tells The New York Daily News, “This doctor should mind her own business, shut her trap and get a life.”

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