Transcript: The Britney Spears Beat Never Sleeps. Britney’s been shooting her video for Madonna’s upcoming “Sticky & Sweet Tour,” right here in Hollywood. She’s been filming at the soundstage, “The Lot.” E! News has been stationed outside to bring you all of the details. And just in, we got the story behind on what the pop star is filming. In fact, E! obtained the exclusive photos of Britney from the shoot; inside an elevator wearing a grey hoodie, getting her makeup put on, and workin’ the moves! You’ll see those photos on E! Monday. But right now we can tell you what some of those moves are. She kicks the walls, and at one point screams into the camera. Then climbs up the elevator and looks into another camera and says, “It’s Britney *****!” Yeah it is! Click to stream (last segment):


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