Photographic Proof Britney Is Attending The VMAs

September 5, 2008 By Jordan Miller

Seriously, only Britney gets her own damn update about her chair. Hey, it’s better then the hair updates we get every few weeks from her stylist.

MTV has confirmed that Britney will be seated in the front row at the VMAs – for convenience when she wins her Moon Man awards of course! According to MTV, “they’re literally poster cutouts that represent the famous folks who’ll fill those seats at televised events like the VMAs, and they’re used in show rehearsals by directors, producers, and cameramen so that the camera peeps know where to pan, focus and zoom in on elated celebrities and/or celebrities pretending to be happy for each other when someone else wins the award they were nominated for.”

Though the placement isn’t final, Britney is currently seated near Ashlee Simpson, Michael Phelps, and Zac Efron. They’re not worthy.

Oh, and check out a sneak peek of the VMA set below:

3 days to go!