My name is Dani Brubaker. I am the photographer that took photographs of Britney and her kids on two occasions back in early November.

Your site was referred to me as a place to be heard by Britney’s fans, not by the tabloid media.

The images from the shoots were never available for purchase, although I have been offered upwards of half a million dollars. Recent postings indicate that I profited from these images. Which is not true.

My integrity isn’t for sale.

I stand by my statement that “The kids are adorable and are obviously well loved.”

… It’s just so sad to see what the media does to her. Truly makes me sick to my stomach.

There wasn’t ever a temptation, no matter what they offered. What I captured of her and the kids is truly beautiful and I just would not be able to live with myself to see those images in a tabloid.



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