The photog who took ******* photos of Britney dancing on a pole on the set of her music video “Gimme More” is denying accusations the pictures were taken without Britney’s permission, according to new reports.

Last Sunday, British website published photos of Britney wearing star pasties over her breasts.

“The photographer’s agent, Alec Byrne, refuses to identify his client but insists Spears brought the photographer to the video shoot and posed for the ******* snaps, taken at a Los Angeles studio.”

“These pictures were (Spears’) idea,” said Byrne to the New York Post. “She was going to use this in the promotion of the video – but obviously, after (she) saw the content, decided not to. These weren’t sneak pictures.”

Click here for the full set of photos.

Britney’s conservatorship lawyers did not return requests for comment.

I smell ********; these are clearly stills from a video… not pictures.

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