Smooth sounds from Pharrell? Yes, please.

Pharrell Teases New Song "Freedom" With Apple Music


Another glorious song by and Kim Burrell from the Hidden Figures soundtrack titled “I See A Victory” makes its way online today.

“There’ll be signs on top of signs / Just so you know the history!”

Thematically, the new tune shares a likeness to the previously released songs “Running,’” “Surrender” and “Crave” with its use of uplifting background singing backed by a plunky piano. Listen:


Pharrell contributed eight songs for the upcoming Hidden Figures soundtrack. Following his previously released “Running’” and “Surrender” is “Crave,” a doo-wop-inspired uptempo ditty.


I love me some “Happy,” but when will Pharrell tap into his N.E.R.D. days again? What’s up, JT?


Smooth sounds from Pharrell? Yes, please.

I love Pharrell. He’s one of my biggest musical inspirations. BreatheHeavy is named what it is because of a remix HE did with Britney on “Slave 4 U”. He’s a genius, but if I hear “Happy” one more time I swear to God I’m jumping off a building.

Fortunately, I live in a one-story. And fortunately, he put forth two new songs today (Oct. 24) from the Hidden Figures soundtrack: “Runnin’” and “Surrender.”

“Running’” is an updated take on old school jazz, incorporating Pharrell’s soulful tone with a sassy piano melody and knee-tapping brassy horns.

“Sometime my mind dives deep / When I’m running’ / I don’t want no free ride / I’m just sick and tired of runnin’,” he croons.

“Surrender” picks up where “Running’” left off. Lalah Hathaway takes center stage, but Pharrell’s “Blurred Lines”-inspired “woos” can be heard throughout the thumping new tune.


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