I have never wanted to be Pharrell until today. Don’t get me wrong… I love him – he’s insanely talented and seems like a genuinely nice guy – but I like myself. The big difference now (besides him being rich and famous) is that he’s listened to both Ariana Grande and Justin Timberlake’s forthcoming albums. He also stars in Calvin Harris’ new video music video for “Feels” alongside Katy Perry and Big Sean. Life really isn’t fair.

In a new interview with Today via ET, Pharrell comments on how ridiculously busy he is.

“Honestly, I have to work,” Pharrell said as to why he can’t return to The Voice right now. “I got so much work to do. It was so much fun and while I was doing it, helping other people was like a drug for me. I couldn’t get enough of helping them, but I have work to do, music to make and so many records.”

Then the bomb: “Ariana Grande’s album’s amazing, the Justin Timberlake album’s amazing,” he continued. “There’s another album that I can’t talk about, but all my fans know about it. It’s coming and it’s exciting and there’s just so much work I got done being off, but I’m so grateful and had such a great time.”

Ariana previously admitted her Dangerous Woman followup is complete. She also said it’ll have about 10 songs in total, which includes vocals/production from Pharrell.

It’s news to me that JT has enough material now to label it an album, which might be the biggest takeaway from his interview. Did that sink in? JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE COULD BE DONE MAKING HIS NEW RECORD.

As for who Pharrell “can’t talk about,” your guess is as good as mine. I’d like to imagine it’s Christina Aguilera, but now I’m just getting carried away.

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