Personalney Interview Reportedly Confiscated

September 30, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Personalney Interview Reportedly Confiscated

Britney’s in hot water after a reporter’s interview was confiscated and edited because it was too personal.

A reporter for 2TV says she thought her interview with Britney went smooth, but when it came time to leave, Britney’s reps wanted to edit the footage because they felt Brit may have revealed too much.

In what’s left of her interview from Norway, Britney says:

“I think the only pressure that you feel is the pressure you allow yourself to feel,” Britney says. “I’m my own worst enemy when I do stuff.”

The reporter suggested to Britney she’s a *** symbol.

“A lot of my songs, and lyrics and moves are maybe somewhat promiscuous. I think it reads that way sometimes, but I feel like most of all at heart I’m just a normal person and human just like you, and I have really bad days.”

See the now controversial interview below:

Flash required for video playback.

What do you think about censorney?