The petition urging RCA to allow director Joseph Kahn to release the “Perfume” director’s cut amounted to nothing. Despite the initial goal of a thousand signatures getting blown to smithereens (there’s currently over 13,000), there’s no indication that matters to her label. If it does, we surely haven’t heard anything about it. What gives?

The petition became quite the story last week, getting linked on, MTV, Perez, BuzzFeed and Digital Spy, but no matter how many reputable blogs encourage the release of the DC, nothing’s changed.

In true Britney Spears controversy fashion, the storm will blow over and fans will add this gem to their treasure chest of bitterness. This includes “Rebellion,” the “Gimme More” funeral scene that doesn’t exist and displaying one of her Elizabeth Arden fragrances in every video since ever. Things will calm down and we’ll end up never seeing it. UGH, so bitter.

What are some reasons for leaving the original video on the cutting room floor, rather, on Joseph Kahn’s MacBook Pro?

Perhaps Team Britney was nervous about the gun controversy. We’re living in a day and age where gun control is a pressing issue, but where do we draw the line? It’s ok to shoot up strippers in video games, but God forbid Britney blows the brains out of her ex-boyfriend and his trick for the sake of a compelling storyline.

Maybe Britney herself requested the video change – believable – she pressured director Ben Mor to edit the scandalous scenes in the “Work *****” music video because ~she’s a mom now.~ Question: wasn’t the storyline approved before shooting (pun intended) took place? Britney even filmed it!

Or maybe, just maybe RCA is a step ahead of the game and planned this drama from the very beginning and will sneakily upload it to Vevo with the Dreaming Mix version for an early Xmas present. LOL ok, let’s be real.

Regardless, it’s refreshing to see Britney Spears fans pull together in an effort to see their fav ****** some weaves. We may never see the version Kahn intended for us, but as we’ve learned before in the Britney World… never say never!