Perez Reviews "Work *****"

Several blogs got the lucky privilege to listen to “Work *****” today, including Perez who posted a review:

We don’t like to sugarcoat things. We are all about the real! And the truth is… Britney Spears’ new single, Work *****, is going to be a big hit!

Having said that… the song left us wanting more! Here’s why!

We last left Brit Brit on a bit of a down note. We were a bit BLAH with Ohh La La, her single off the Smurfs soundtrack.

THANKFULLY, the new single is a huge improvement on that! Work ***** is basically Scream & Shout Part 2.

Scream & Shout was a huge hit for Britney and Will.I.Am, and this song is a continuation of that. The only difference is that Work ***** does not feature Will. It is Britney solo. And it’s another Will.I.Am production.
Produced by Will, the song is ALL ABOUT the production, which is very similar to Scream & Shout and very fun. It is instantly pleasing on the ears and will definitely be a big hit globally.

Once again “British Britney” is back, singing/speaking in her fabulously affected British accent. And, yes, we said singing/speaking – because Brit Brit probably talks parts of the song as much as she sings them.
While we were satisfied with the song, we hope the next single off Spears’ album is more melodic. More of a song that is less about production and more about lyric and melody.

Work ***** features hilarious non-sequitur after non-sequitur, more so than actual “lyrics”. Britney probably adlibbed and made them up herself, as we were told by her label that she “co-wrote” the song.
It’s fun. It’s lighthearted. It’s Britney, *****!!!

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