People’s Hot Mamas To Be

May 29, 2005 By Jordan Miller Britney Spears, who is expecting her first child with husband Kevin Federline in the fall, has been busy trying out her mommy skills on stepdaughter Kori, 2 (with Spears in Hollywood on May 6). And now, Spears is making space for her own baby. “My mom and I are going to start talking about ideas this week for the baby’s room,” she wrote on a recent posting on her web site.

People’s Hot Mamas To Be:
01.Britney Spears
02.Jennifer Garner
03 Denise Richards
04.Christine Taylor
05.Martina Mcbride
06.Alice Cage
07.Soeleil Moon Frye
08.Angie Harmon
09.Heidi Klum
10. Michelle Williams