2013’s shaping up to be an interesting year for Britney. She quit The X Factor to focus on music and is considering residency in Las Vegas.

So with new ventures on the horizon, will Britney be able to handle it? A source tells People Britney is “definitely upset about the split.”

It’s thought Britney wanted more children, but Jason wasn’t quite ready. “There were so many issues he wanted worked out before that” – including her neediness. “It was difficult for Jason to have his own life.”

Adds an insider: “Britney is very insecure and has had a lot of trouble with jealousy.[She] is very worried about being alone,” says the family source. “She is upset, but for a long time she has treated him like a friend, not a romantic partner.”

The family source adds that some close to Britney “are concerned about her future.”

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