Are you ready for it?

Are you ready for it?

Taylor Swift has been going out of her way to stay hidden this era, but the pop star made a rare appearance this week. She surprised several unsuspecting fans with a visit to their house, and a video of one of the encounters is leading some to believe she is expecting. The rumor has actually been floating around for several weeks, and this clip only added fuel to the fire.

I can’t imagine she’d want to embark on a new musical era as a pregnant woman. She also has several shows confirmed for December; it’s not impossible to perform while pregnant, but Swift doesn’t seem like the kind of person who’d want to sing about rising from the dead with child (I know Taylor we’re best friends she told me). It’s most likely her outfit.

And if she is, then more power to her! Taylor seems like one of the only ultra famous singers who has fiercely controlled her personal life despite the world’s crushing pressures to adhere to what an ideal pop star should be. Maybe she’s ready for a new reputation after all…

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