kanye west paul mccartney

Kanye’s hairdresser. Naturally.

So for the latest in dubious source news, Kanye West’s upcoming seventh album has been co-produced by Sir Paul McCartney – according to the man who has allegedly cut West’s hair since he was 17, anyway. I mean. Okay.

The suggestion isn’t entirely outside the realms of possibility, especially given the events of last night, and the idea that Kanye’s barber is his number one confidant isn’t actually totally ridiculous. No seriously, don’t you think trusting his hairdresser above and beyond anyone else fits in perfectly with Kanye’s trademark brand of totally ludicrous, amazingly entertaining behaviour?

Check out the full details below; be prepared to remain unable to even for the duration of the article:


Ibn Jasper’s comments come straight off the back of Kanye’s featured role on Rihanna’s new track, which you’ll notice he claims will appear on Kanye’s album as well as Rihanna’s. (Bad news for those of you hoping it wouldn’t feature on Rihanna’s record at all…)

There is actual evidence to back the claim as well (sorry Ibn), albeit basically anecdotal. We’ve already heard the first cut, “Only One”, from Kanye’s as-of-yet untitled forthcoming album; it’s a heartfelt tribute to baby North from the perspective of Kanye’s late mother, also featuring production from the former-Beatle. This coupled with “FourFiveSeconds” (which remains amazing and you will deal), boasting production from both the “Gold Digger” hit-maker and one quarter of the original British invasion, gives us concrete proof that the two are hard at work in the studio. Whether they’ll tackle the whole record together remains to be seen, but if Mr Jasper is to be believed…

Okay, so this might all be totally garbage and it is a whole new level of desperate source-searching, but look, I don’t know about you… my hairdresser knows things. I’m just saying. When I’m in handcuffs, the blue lights are flashing and the sirens are wailing DO NOT call my hairdresser. Gurl knows where the bodies are buried.

What do YOU think? Are you here for a full album co-collab with Paul McCartney and Yeezus? What does your hairdresser know about you?