…And it turns out he doesn’t have much to say.

Paul Epworth may have one of the most enviable lists of production and writing credits in the industry but apparently all anyone wants to talk to him about these days is Adele. And he is keeping tight lipped about her forthcoming record, reportedly titled “25”.

See what he DOES have to say below:

In a new interview with Billboard, the Grammy and Oscar winning producer/songwriter made a couple of cryptic (read: infuriating) remarks:

“I’ve got nothing… There are no clues.”

When pushed, he (reluctantly, it would seem) revealed that:

“[It] will come when it’s ready.”

Details about Adele’s album are so scarce that even this seems newsworthy, especially since “when it’s ready” seems to be code for no time soon. Adele is famous for keeping things close to the chest – indeed, since winning an Oscar for “Skyfall” from the James Bond film by the same name (with the man himself, Paul Epworth), she’s all but disappeared off the face of the earth. Taking a very different approach to celebrity than almost anyone else working right now, it makes sense that she’d be equally cagey about her new material and demand that her producers follow suit.

It is good news that she’s taking her time though. “21” was such an enormous success that toping its commercial sales and critical reception will be tough enough without rushing out a release. As we know, her label (XL) expected the record out at the end of last year, but Adele don’t play by yo’ rules. All signs seem to point towards a release date sometime in the first half of this year, but it would appear that – for now – we’ll just have to sit tight.

What are you thinking? Is it good that Adele’s taking her time or do you want new music NOW?