Paris: No Plans To Work With Britney Or Lindsay For TV Show

July 11, 2008 By Jordan Miller

Paris Hilton literally says “literally” like 20 times in this interview, but who cares she’s sweet and freakin hot and I’ll literally forgive her for that. Paris, while running through LAX in Los Angeles to catch a flight, spent a few minutes on the phone with Ryan Seacrest on his kIIs FM radio show this morning, and cleared up the rumor originally published by saying Paris, Lindsay and Britney were planning on doing a television project together. “Paris wants to produce a two-hour special about their lives in the spotlight, which she hopes will include candid revelations from the stars.”

Paris clears up the rumor on the air saying: “I think literally writers are just so bored that they just make up stories, and then they’ll say a source said it ’cause it’s really them thinking it,” she told Ryan. “And no one can name a source, so it’s just – it’s lame.”

I’m glad Paris is calling out the “source” ********. Literally, half the time a site says “according to a source” (except for BreatheHeavy duh), it’s just the writer attempting to create a credible story and desperately trying to save their *** from being canned.

All that Paris talk has got me cravin Carl’s Junior. Check out the interview below:


ps – I will literally use any excuse to post those **** pix of Brit and Paris. Damn look at B. Now my mouth is watering for two things… Creeeeepy.