Paris Hilton Confirms She Voted For Donald Trump

November 17, 2016 By Jordan Miller

“I’ve known him since I was a little girl, so yes.”



Paris Hilton confirms what we basically already knew: she voted for Donald Trump, who is now the President-elect of the United States.

During a new interview on Australia’s Network Ten show The Project, Hilton shared her support for Trump, the Daily Mail reports.

When asked on if she voted for Trump, she said: “I’ve known him since I was a little girl, so yes.”

But is he qualified? Didn’t matter.

“I’ve known him my entire life and he’s always been incredibly supportive of me,” she continued.

Le sigh.


Paris Hilton didn’t admit to voting for The Donald, but she didn’t deny it either.

The political environment in the United States is polarizing, and it’s dubbed the most important Presidential election ever because of the divisiveness between the two major candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

In the media world, it appears anyone who votes for Trump is cast in a foggy shade and humiliated for supporting their political beliefs. This shouldn’t be the case, but Trump is so menacing and debilitating towards the future of our social freedom that a vote for him is a vote for disarray.

As Paris made her way through LAX in Los Angeles Tuesday morning, a TMZ cameraman caught up with her to ask about the race, specifically, who she’s voting for.

“My mother always told me never talk about politics or money,” she said.

The photog also points out her family is friends with the Trumps and, if he wins, is celebrating in a Hilton hotel.

“If you don’t tell me who you’re voting for, I’m going to have to assume it’s Trump,” he continued.

She coyly laughed and stayed silent. Deplorable.


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