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A Dragging. Paris Hilton Says It’s A Fact That Lindsay Lohan Is A Pathological Liar: Watch

“I choose to not surround myself with certain people. Life is too short.”

Paris Hilton just threw an entire forest at Lindsay Lohan.




This update continues to grow as 2018 trickles along. Paris Hilton recently called Lindsay Lohan a pathological liar on Instagram.

When E! News asked her about it at a red carpet event this weekend, Paris didn’t back down. She defended it and actually called it a “fact.”

We love a self aware queen.





UPDATE // JUNE 19, 2018:

Paris Hilton is still on the outs with Lindsay Lohan.

The pop superstar was asked by paparazzi whether Linds would get an invite to her wedding. Definitely no.

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” Paris says. “I choose to not surround myself with certain people. Life is too short.”

Well alright. What if the tables were turned? Would Paris go to Lindsay’s wedding? “No, I’m very busy,” Paris said. A kii!

Watch below:






Paris recently celebrated the 11-year anniversary of the gathering of The Holy Trinity, so naturally it’s coming up in new interviews. MTV Australia asked Paris whether Lindsay responded to Paris’ post about it, and the DJ pop princess spilt some scalding hot tea.

“Well actually it was just Brit and I out and then she just, like, chased us to the car and got in. She wasn’t invited… you’re not on the list.”

The shade! “She wasn’t invited” has just become the new “I don’t know her.”

See what the members in Exhale are saying about that.

The interviewer tried to smooth things over, saying that Lindsay is probably doing well in Mykonos now (where Linds currently resides), and Paris responded with a toothy grin and said, “yeah, sure.”

I shouldn’t be low-key living for this kind of petty drama, but Mean Girls tabloid gossip fills some void I have. Thank you, Paris. I needed this. We all… needed this. 





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