Comeback queen.

Paris Hilton is readying a return to music.

More than a decade has passed since the heiress released her self-titled album, which featured “Jealousy,” “Stars Are Blind,” “Turn You On” and a cover of Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m ****.” There’s no denying it’s a guilty pop pleasure, but in the time since, the former reality TV star shifted her attention to expanding her multi-million dollar business empire and budding career as a DJ; the 36-year-old has a flourishing residency in Ibiza.

“I have been a Resident DJ at Amnesia in Ibiza for the past four years, and it has been so inspiring and so much fun,” Hilton tells Plastik in a new interview. “I play a lot of dance and electro pop remixes. Everybody is always dancing, jumping and having the time of their lives. I have never played the same set twice and I always play a new set at every show.”

She’s also working on a sophomore album she says is inspired by her work in Ibiza. “It has an electro pop dance feel.”

Here’s a video of Paris tinkering around with some ~soundz.~ Let’s just say Grimes should be awfully worried right about now.

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