Comeback queen.

Pop emergency! Paris Hilton has a new album in the works, and it’s near completion.

More than a decade has passed since the heiress released her self-titled, which featured “Jealousy,” “Stars Are Blind,” “Turn You On” and a cover of Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m ****.” There’s no denying it’s a guilty pop pleasure, but in the time since, the former reality TV star shifted her attention to expanding her multi-million dollar business empire and budding career as a DJ; the 36-year-old has a flourishing residency in Ibiza.

Her countless gigs as a song spinner have inspired her new album, which she previously said “has an electro pop dance feel” (listen to a teaser of one of the songs titled “Summer Reign”). We won’t have to wait long to hear it; Paris hopped online to update fans on her many ongoing projects, which includes new tunes.

“I’m doing a new TV show that I’m really excited about, as well as my real estate projects around the world,” she said. “I’m also getting ready to release my 24th fragrance and finishing my new album.”

No word when she plans on releasing it, but if I were Taylor Swift I’d be SHAKING.

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