Pop emergency!

Pop emergency! Paris Hilton is gearing up to release a new record.

She says the project will have a “whole new sound” compared to her 2006 self-titled debut. I’m not sure how to feel about that since “Stars Are Blind” is a pop gem.

In a new interview with Time, Paris described the forthcoming record as deep house, techno-pop and electro-pop. Auto-tuned Paris bops? Take all my money Queen.

She also named Katy Perry, DJ Chuckie, Michael Jackson and Madonna as some of her biggest influences. Paris did not mention ex-bestie Britney Spears, which is a real shame.

Paris, who is the highest-paid female DJ in the world, hopes the new music will change peoples’ perception of her. “I want to be remembered for so much more,” she said. Time added there were tears in her eyes at this point. “People are so mean. And they don’t know me. I get so misjudged. Just because my last name is Hilton does not mean that I’m some stuck-up brat.”

Read the entire interview here.

When can we expect the new album? In August, Paris said she was busy putting the finishing touches on it, so… soon.

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