Paris Hilton Continues Positive Britney Press

November 4, 2008 By Jordan Miller

I’m pretty sure I’ll find any excuse to update on Paris Hilton talking nice about Britney. This news is almost irrelevant, but apparently the new “in” thing is to post fluff ******** updates. Nah mean?

Paris recently appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show rocking out to “Gimme More,” and has continued her positive Britney kick with some kind words:

“I do love her,” Paris recently revealed to a reporter. “I’m so happy for her because she’s got her life back on track after a difficult couple of years. She deserves it because she’s got such a good heart.”

“She’s never looked better; she’s really healthy at the moment. It’s great and I’m really excited for her.”

Plus I love posting pictures of Britney & Paris posing. Say that three times fast.