**** went dowwwn. Fortunately, Britney wasn’t a part of it.

Britney was spotted at the Montage Hotel again last night, and where there’s Britney, there’s paparazzi. One photog, according to his agency’s site x17online.com, was “beaten” and “held hostage” by Montage Hotel security.

The paparazzo reportedly left his camera behind to check out the inside of the Montage Hotel. Soon after, there was an altercation, saying “hotel security pulled him [the photog] aside and asked what he was doing. He told him he was simply checking out the hotel. The two men pulled the photog into a room and proceeded to beat him!”


“I was attacked by hotel security and kept in a little room for over an hour and my phone was taken away from me when I tried to dial 911. They beat me up and refused to call the paramedics, saying that I was okay. One hour later I heard that there was a cop outside and I screamed to him for help.”

The Montage Hotel’s manager on duty told X17online he would not comment on the incident.

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Source: x17online.com

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