Britney Spears at first blamed photographers for her disastrous decision on Monday when she was snapped cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway with baby Sean Preston on her lap. The pictures soon caused a ‘driving with baby’ scandal and Brit finally apologized.

But what about the paparazzi – what’s their story?

The American tabloid, ‘The Star’ gives the account from one paparazzo:

Frank Rohmer, the owner of the X17 photo agency that snapped the singer and her son leaving a Starbuck’s near her Malibu home, is amused by the explanation.

“George Spaly, who took the pictures, was not aggressive, nor did he pose any sort of threat to Britney or her baby. In fact, Britney and George have known each other for several years. She smiled and talked to George after arriving at the Starbuck’s. Britney asked George not to take pictures of her and the baby at the Starbuck’s and he agreed. In fact, on this particular afternoon at 1 p.m., it was so quiet that another bodyguard following in a car behind Britney’s left shortly after arriving at the Starbuck’s.”

Once Britney and her bodyguards had their drinks, she reportedly switched seats with one bodyguard and drove off with Sean Preston plopped in her lap. “She had her right hand on the wheel and her other hand apparently holding her kid. That’s when George started shooting. He kept a respectable distance.”

But in defense of his agency’s lucrative subjects, Rohmer suspects Britney, “just wasn’t thinking.” “It’s quite possible that Britney and Kevin hadn’t gotten to installing the child car seat in the back. Not that that’s any sort of excuse,” he told the Star.

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