Pal Says Britney Is Doing ‘Great’

June 13, 2008 By Jordan Miller

As Britney Spears continues on her road to recovery, a friend of Spears says things are going well for the singer.

“She’s doing great,” Palms Casino Resort owner George Maloof tells PEOPLE.

Maloof, who recently had dinner with Spears twice in L.A., says that the two are “good friends,” and adds it would be fantastic to have her perform at his Vegas venue.

“I’d love to have her here at the Pearl [Theater],” says Maloof, who stopped by the premiere of The Rocker, starring Rainn Wilson, at the Cinevegas Film Festival. “It would be great.”

Maloof says the idea of a Vegas concert “didn’t come up” when he saw Spears in L.A. But it turns out Spears flew there Thursday for a different reason altogether.

“Britney left L.A. for Vegas for an extended Father’s Day weekend with her dad [Jamie],” a source tells PEOPLE. Despite reports that Spears’ cameo in the upcoming Pussycat Dolls video was cut, Britney is still plugging away at her other projects: She’s scheduled to work on songs with Sean Garrett in three weeks.

Meanwhile Spears’s ex, Kevin Federline, is also headed to Sin City on Friday for Father’s Day purposes: K-Fed will be there to accept his “Father of the Year” honors from Prive Las Vegas.