Over 50 “Work *****” Reviews

September 19, 2013 By Jordan Miller


The reviews are in! “Work *****” is receiving incredible praise from media outlets. Work it out!

1. PopJustice:
“The most exciting bit is the middle eight which goes all epic and spacey with some proper hands-in-the-lasers lyrics.”

2. HollywoodLife:
“Brit is back sounding amazing with her new hit song, ‘Work B**ch,’ and we are so obsessed already. Honestly, we haven’t loved a song of hers this much since ‘Circus!'”

3. EntertainmentWise:
“Go call the governor” – a phrase we suspect will become as synonymous with her career as the immortal “It’s Britney, b***h!”.

4. InstinctMagazine:
“Get out your headphones or find a club that’s open because Britney’s “Work *****!” has leaked and it’s a club banger!”

5. Muumuse:
“Work *****” reaffirms her position on the throne, and proves just why Britney is the best: We have never and will never have to worry about her musical output, because Britney Spears is the most consistent supplier of amazing pop music in the world.”
http://www.muumuse.c…umuse (MuuMuse)

6. KickKickSnare:
“Move over Oprah. So what is the advice from Ms Spears on how to live a life like music videos and movies stars? Naturally, you betta ‘Work *****’.”

7. GloPopMusic:
“We’re liking this one a lot, really. It’s at least a lot better than her Scream and Shout duet with Will.I.AM.”

8. TheMagicCritique:
“‘Work *****’ is an incredibly different song than I think any of us were expecting. The beat isn’t straight-up EDM, but it’s got some urban flares that give it a really unique sound.”

9. ThatGrapeJuice:
“Britney Spears has done it again!”

10. MOSuniverse:
“The new Britney Spears single “Work *****” TOTALLY ROCKS in a “current” EDM kind of way! This is going to be MASSIVE!”

11. MZ Hiphop:
“We don’t like to sugarcoat things. We are all about the real! And the truth is… Britney Spears’ new single, Work *****, is going to be a big hit!”

12. Hypable.com:
“Unsurprisingly, the song was designed for clubs. It has a grand finale finish that caps the song off nicely”

13. Idolator.com:
“Early critics were right — that part of “Work *****” really is the best, albeit just one of several great quotable lines here.”

14. Perez Hilton:
“Basically, everyone is going to be loving all over this HOT song.”

15. JonAlisBlog:
“Work *****” is a full-on club banger with Brit confidently sing-talking over a hot electronic driven beat that sounds like both everything and nothing on the radio.”

16. Tagroom:
“Couldn’t you just imagine yourself now in a club with everyone just shouting You better work B*tch!”

17. Buzzfeed:
“In summary:”

18. TheFrisky.com:
“It’s a total club banger and I am now even more excited for Brit’s next album of songs I can pretend to strip to in the privacy of my bedroom.”

19. The Huffington Post:
“The dance track takes a strong beat and has the 31-year-old singer repeatedly encouraging listeners to “get to work, *****.”

20. PinkIsTheNewBlog.com:
“The song is definitely a new sound for Britney … it has that Swedish House sound without really falling under the EDM label.”

21. Celebuzz.com:
“So, who wants to go to the club?”

22. Cambio.com:
“It’s all kinds of amazing!”

23. The Hollywood Gossip:
“It’s upbeat, fun pop music on par with most of her younger contemporaries. The British accent thing is strange, but it’s catchy, no?”

24. FashionCourier:
“Summer is over. Which means that, yes, “Blurred Lines” is going out as the warm weather anthem of 2013. The adrenaline-fueled, smokey-voiced Britney Spears is back, and she wants you to know that it is time to werk, err…work. The jam of fall 2013 is here.”

25. Oh No They Didn’t:
“I really like the idea of the song and its lyrics are better than I expected”

26. Popdust.com:
“The track is everything we know and love about modern-day Britney: pulsing club rhythms (courtesy of executive producer Will.i.am), vocals that blend bad-***** attitude and robotic authority, and the return of Brit’s inexplicable British accent.”

27. Examiner.com:
“She promised something very different from what’s been done in the past and delivers. Never has Britney been this forward and frank on a single before but she proudly embraces her inner grown woman, saying, ‘I am the bad b**ch!'”

28. Entertainment Weekly:
“A lot has been made of the Katy Perry vs. Lady Gaga chart face-off this fall, but music fans shouldn’t count out OG pop queen Britney Spears in that fight.”

29. Metro.co.uk:
“It may have been leaked early but at least Work ***** seems to have been well-received by fans.”

30. AccesHollywood.com:
“A catchy new song”

31. Cinemablend.com:
“As I suspected, “Work *****” is a catchy electronic dance track that will no doubt get ample play in clubs”

32. Arcadey.net:
“”Work *****” is one hell of a club banger”

33. Rolling Stone:
“The pounding dance track, which features mostly spoken lyrics, serves as a testament to the fine things a strong work ethic can bring about.”

34. E!Online UK:
“Brit works and the song does not disappoint.”

35. Slant Magazine:
“Work ***** follows the current EDM model of painfully aggressive, treble-heavy beats, harsh synths, and tuneless hooks, but makes even “Scream & Shout” sound like a melodic feast.”

36. DirectLyrics.com:
“The track is trance, pop, spacey, fist-pumping, massive, loud, infecious, catchy, and I could keep going with the adjectives. Britney’s trademark singing, and the return of her British accent, complete the amazingness of “Work *****”.”

37. ZM Online:
“A total club banger”

38. DailyMail:
“The sound is a departure from her last record, Femme Fatale, and a nod to her critically acclaimed Blackout album.”

39. US Magazine:
“She’s baaaack!”

40. MTV.com:
“An energetic dance track”

41. Hitflix.com:
“It may well be the most dance-oriented single in the history of her career, with a driving progressive beat and a distinct lack of pop hooks that make it a perfect club track”

42. Mirror.co.uk:
“Helpful advice for all job hunters.”

43. NewNowNext:
“It has a dance-floor anthem potential (though not the much-rumored RuPaul sample).”

44. Hollywoodtake.com:
“The dance-club single sounds like this fall’s hottest new track to us! And no wonder — “Work *****” was co-written by a pretty impressive group of people including the pop princess herself”

45. Starmagazine:
“It’s about time for some new music from Britney Spears! It’s a catchy, new tune”

46. Starcrush.com:
“‘Work *****’ sounds pretty similar to their prior collaboration, ‘Scream and Shout’.”

47. Gigwise.com:
“The track is a heavily produced EDM number which makes her Will.i.am collaboration ‘Scream & Shout’ seem subtle by comparison.”

48. Glamour.com:
“It’s quite dancey. My favorite part isn’t actually a part: I thought she was saying ‘whip it out’ at the end, which conjured ‘It. Out.’ memories of Elaine on Seinfeld, but she’s saying ‘Work it out’.”

49. Popsugar:
“The song, produced by will.i.am, sounds like it could get lost in the shuffle of top 40 dance mixes, but I do like the message: you gotta work hard to get what you want.”

50. Grantland.com:
“Work ***** works its hard-edged beat, pervasive chorus, and airy bridge to the fullest. Britney sounds both adorable and authoritative, and a songwriting credit means she might have had some input into lines like “here comes the smasher,” pronounced in her Brit-British accent as ‘the smasha’.”

51. The Improper:
“For all her talk about the work ethic, Spears sings very little on the pounding dance tune; rather she ‘sing-speaks’.”

52. UnderTheGunReview.net:
“It’s slick, dance floor ready music meant for clubs that will sell to diehard fans and people trying to keep their workout playlists current while preparing to battle winter weight gain.”

53. The Guardian:
“There’s enough of Britney’s personality – the myriad vocal tics, the ridiculous middle-eight breakdown bit – to make sure she hasn’t been fully obliterated by will.i.am’s production sledgehammer.”

54. Popcrush:
“This is not EDM-lite, as many pop tarts have attempted. It’s urgent and intense, and finds Brit reinventing herself. ‘Work *****’ will have you dancing on the floor until you’ve sweated off several pounds.”


55. Billboard.com:
“‘Work *****’ takes risks that were not present on the (highly enjoyable) ‘Femme Fatale’ singles — and Spears has earned the right to take risks. Go tell the police, the governor, the state congressman, the barber, the guy who works at your local Burger King — go tell whoever you need that Britney is back.”

*Huge thanks to Exhale member ALLEYESONUS for compiling the list!*