Outrageous Review By Billboard

July 17, 2004 By Jordan Miller



NEW YORK (Billboard) – For all the extraordinary songs that R. Kelly has written for other artists, it’s surprising that Britney Spears (news) — brought back from the edge of extinction by the ticklish “Toxic” — could end up with such a lackluster track. “Outrageous” is included in the upcoming movie “Catwoman” as well as on the artist’s album “In the Zone.” But for all that exposure, it is little more than a relentless chant of the title and a two-note verse that pounds and pounds away, like a migraine. It’s notable that the song was not produced by Kelly; in fact, it has such an enormous list of mixers, editors and recording technicians that you wonder if it’s more of a scientific studio creation than a singer matched with an instrumental track. Spears is the type of vocalist who must keep the melody in front of her voice to sound plausible. She truly misses the mark here. After the kicky “Toxic,” this is a major letdown.

whatever , i still love outrageous