Outrageous! Britney’s Shopping Spree

July 13, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Outrageous! Britney's Shopping Spree

Britney continued her shopping spree on Sunday, dropping by the mall in Calabasas, CA with boyfriend David Lucado.

Brit Brit walked in wearing a long shirt, but felt it was time to *** it up. Shh! She’s a mom now. Not feeling the baggy top, Brit changed into something a little more revealing, showing off her toned tummy and iconic belly ring.

Outrageous! Britney's Shopping Spree

The two shopped at TopShop at Nordstrom and a couple other stores before grabbing a bite at Cheesecake Factory.

Homegirl spent her weekend swiping that credit card! Photogs caught her at Bevmo on Saturday before catching her kids’ basketball game.

You wanna hot body? You know the rest…

Outrageous! Britney's Shopping Spree