Our 29 Favorite Kesha Songs To Celebrate Her 29th Birthday

March 1, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Happy birthday, Kesha!


Happy birthday, Kesha!

It’s a bittersweet bday for Kesha, who escaped to the Bahamas this week amid her controversial lawsuit against Dr. Luke. Two weeks ago, a New York State Supreme Court judge denied Kesha’s injunction to record music outside of Sony and its imprint label Kemosabe Records which Dr. Luke, her alleged sexual abuser, oversees. The controversy launched Kesha into the lime-light and has received support from many of music’s most influential forces, like Taylor Swift, Adele, Kelly Clarkson and Ariana Grande. Kesha popped online here and there to show thanks for her famous friends’ support and the fans who’ve had her back during the trying time, but with no resolution yet, Kesha still cannot release new material. Let’s honor her past recordings for now.

To celebrate her 29th birthday today (March 1), we’ve put together a list of our 29 favorite songs from Kesha’s Warrior, Animal + Cannibal and Deconstructed works. Granted, that’s practically every official release on a studio album, but what can we say? She has a flawless catalogue. Enjoy.

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