Album Information
{nl}{nl}It was originally set for release in late spring or early summer of 2005 and was to include the first single, “Mona Lisa”. Britney Spears played this when she visited a US radio station in late 2004, where she spoke about the album. However, Jive Records later released a statement saying the album was being worked on, but no release date had been set. Spears called into TRL US in early 2005 and mentioned that there would be no new album for this year, though she did say that “Mona Lisa” would be featured on a “show” of some sort; this turned out to be her reality show Britney and Kevin: Chaotic.{nl}{nl}Michelle Lynn Bell (writer of Chaotic, I’ve Just Begun (Having My Fun), and many Jennifer Lopez tracks) has been working with Britney on tracks for the album. The following songs have recently been registered on ASCAP and are said to be planned for “The Original Doll”:{nl}
{nl}Money, Love And Happiness
{nl}{nl}Writers: Bell Michelle Lynn, Britney Spears, Nadir Khayat, Nanna Kristiansson

{nl}{nl}Writers:{nl}{nl}Bell Michelle Lynn,{nl}{nl}Britney Spears, Nanna Kristiansson
{nl}Take Off{nl}{nl}
Writers:{nl}{nl}Bell Michelle Lynn,{nl}{nl}Britney Spears,{nl}{nl}Christian Karlsson,{nl}{nl}Pontus Johan Winnberg
{nl}Like I’m Fallin’
{nl}{nl}Writers:{nl}{nl}Bell Michelle Lynn,{nl}{nl}Britney Spears{nl}
{nl}Can Caper
{nl}{nl}Writers: Godin Samuel Paul{nl}
{nl}So Original
{nl}{nl}Writers: Andreao Shanuee Heard,{nl}{nl}Bell Michelle Lynn{nl}{nl}

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