Liking Britney’s new single, ‘Do Somethin”?

“Not much of a tune,” you might be thinking, “but it sounds amazing. Sounds so modern, so now. How very brilliant that she is on the verge of propelling this brand new song into the higher reaches of the pop parade.”


The single was first recorded over two and a half years ago by the Murlyn-sponsored four-piece girlgroup Melodi Brown (pictured below), a sort of clearing house for the hitmaking team’s talents and a band whose run of nicked songs adds whole new dimension to the phrase ‘always the bridesmaid’.

Since the stalled release of their first single ‘Naked’ in 2003 (it was pulled just a couple of months before it was due to hit the shops, probably something to do with idiot playlist bigwigs not getting it), they’ve already had ‘DJ’ recorded by both Samantha Mumba and Jamelia, and ‘Spin That Bottle’ slapped onto a Rachel Stevens b-side. Melodi Brown’s version of ‘Do Somethin” was never released, but they did perform it at their London showcase in 2003.

Source: Pop Justice

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