And she didn’t seem to care, according to one celebrity photographer who snapped the pop princess with her ******* off. “I didn’t see her like, even try to cover, you know,” Edwin Merino, a celebrity photographer who snapped Spears sans britches on several occasions around Los Angeles this week told “Some girls would try to hold their skirts down or something,” Merino said.

According to Kelly Davis, vice president of X17Agency in Beverly Hills, which represents Merino, snappers caught Britney with her drawers off three times this week — on Nov. 25, Nov. 27 and Nov. 29 — as the newly single singer cavorted with celebutant Paris Hilton and actress Lindsay Lohan in Lalaland.

On Nov. 26, paparazzi caught the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Kevin Federline with her cleavage overexposed. “If it’s not one side, it’s another,” Davis told Spears greeted photographers cheerfully in each instance, but appeared slightly intoxicated on two occasions, Merino said. “She was a little maybe, she was drinking a little bit. She was in a good mood, just happy,” he said. “She didn’t seem to care, you know?” Merino didn’t notice the commando shots until later.

“When you’re shooting the picture, you don’t really notice it until after you go through all the pictures,” he said. She didn’t seem to mind the exposure, Merino said. “I don’t think she was like, ‘Look at me,’ not like that,” he said. “Just got out of the car, smiles.” But with nearly a dozen photographers surrounding her car as it pulled up to each venue this week, Spears had to realize her bare-under-there look would raise eyebrows.

“They don’t even have to strain themselves to get the shots,” Davis said. “If you’re standing on the sidewalk you would see that.” In the world of celebrity photography, where an exclusive photo can garner obscene amounts of money, the Britney britches flap has done brisk business, but isn’t considered an earth-shattering event.

“I believe every one of these circumstances has been nonexclusive,” Davis said. “In other words, multiple agencies have the pictures, so then it’s just kind of who took the best shot, who gets it out the fastest, who has the best sales team, that kind of thing.” Blogs like Perez Hilton were quick to post the shots — without X17Agency’s permission — with comments scrawled on the naughty pics that commented on how gross they were. And don’t be so sure the mother of two didn’t realize she was caught with her undies off.

“With Britney doing it three times in one week and with the immediacy of the blogs, there’s no way that after seeing those first round of images plastered all over the Internet that she wouldn’t know that the same thing is going to happen again if she goes pantyless again,” Davis said. “So I guess you can draw your own conclusions from there as to what her intentions or motives are or whatever, but I can’t imagine that she’s doing this without knowing that she’s going to be photographed doing it,” she said. Merino seems nonplussed by the hubbub.

“To be honest with you, it doesn’t really — it’s not surprising anymore,” Merino said. “A lot of celebs do that. We caught Lindsay Lohan like that before, Paris.”

Davis is waiting for what the former Mouseketeer has planned tomorrow. “Every morning I wake up, I’m like what’s the Britney shot today?” she said.

Source: FoxNews

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