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I´m from Brazil and yesterday I was reading some news from Britney (i do this everyday).. The told that the TVE Channel (A spanish channel) showed some new cpas from Britney and Britney and Kevin´s pics.. But the most important was that they told (the channel, not britney) that The Onyx Hotel Tour will go on.. Here some important things [that I dont know if is it true or not ] that they told:

– The Tour can change the name
– It will go on Latin America
– Britney changed her cloth to MATM (it will be the same as the clip)
– Will not be playback anymore (they dont told like this.. They told that Britney gonna removes the base vocal)
– Shadow will be darkier than before
– SOme new songs will be add
– Outrangeous gonna be ANOTHER VERSION (Remix??? or Full Normal Version)
– Thet will add lasers and anothes special effects principaly in Toxic peformace!

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