Just stop.

MTV’s attempt to shift the focus back onto went unnoticed.

2017 keeps churning out reboots and remakes, so MTV hopped on the bandwagon. They decided to revive TRL, which no one asked for. Yes, like American Idol. And the numbers don’t lie – it was a disappointing turnout.

Showbuzz shared live+same-day viewer data. Monday’s episode drew an abysmal 0.10 adults 18-49 rating and averaged 166,000 overall viewers. It’s especially horrendous considering they had some pretty high-profile acts featured (Ed Sheeran and Migos).

Why wasn’t it a bigger success (in terms of numbers)? Because Ed Sheehan and Migos are available a few taps away on your smart phone. TRL worked in the early 2000s because social media did not exist, and really the only place viewers could soak up their favorite tunes and videos was on television. It was also competing against things actually worth watching, like coverage of the Las Vegas tragedy and President Trump throwing toilet paper at the citizens of Puerto Rico like he was the performing in a rock show (gross).

To put things into perspective, 166,000 viewers is less than half the amount of people watching when it was cancelled in 2008.

EW posted a scathing review of it.

Also it’s worthing pointing out there was no “request” in yesterday’s Total Request Live, nor was there any music videos or any comment on the show’s new format. But it’s 2017 and we all live in a fantasy world anyway so it’s fine.

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