UPDATE: Check out a preview of their new video for “Kids.”


UPDATE // AUGUST 23: Check out another preview of the upcoming “Kids” video, which premieres August 25.

EARLIER // AUGUST 11: OneRepublic premiered their radio-friendly new tune “Kids” from their forthcoming album. Listen to the anthemic tune below:

Vevo also teased a bit of their new music video for the song, which they claim is “coming soon.”


Apparently OneRepublic’s recent single “Wherever I Go” was just for show.

Whatever you think you know about OneRepublic’s new music, forget it. The group told fans this week they’re planning on releasing an official lead single, possibly because “Wherever I Go” underperformed (in comparison to some of their previous mega hits).

“Our next single will be the jump off song for the actual album,” they Tweeted. “Announcement coming tomorrow 8pm UK, noon Pacific Time.”

That it did.

The new single is titled “Kids” (or quite possibly… “Kids Kids Kids”) and will premiere most likely this Friday (August 5).

“The single itself does not personify the entire album,” frontman Ryan Tedder said of “Wherever I Go” earlier this year. “I think it’s gonna be shocking, kind of the first response anyone has is their eyes are kind of spread open like ‘Oh my god’. It’s not indicative of the entire album but it’s kind of like if you go have dinner, you don’t order steak for an appetizer and steak for dinner, you split it up, and you have different things, so the first single is – it’s definitely an appetizer, I think it’s the best appetizer we could come up with.”

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