Wow how the year changes us, this exact day last year was probally one of the most eventful day in Britney, and her fans lifes! This time one year ago, Britney released her album In The Zone, her fourth album and soon to be her fourth number 1 album.

Britney was in Hollywood to unveil her star on the walk of fame, and officially classing herself as a person, not only to stay forever, but as the biggest celebrity, musical talent and cemented herself in a place in everyones hearts.

Britney then flew to New York to attend an autograph signing at Virgin Megastore, whilst in N.Y Britney went to MTV’s TRL to celebrate the release of IN THE ZONE…..

Since then, Britney has:

Got Married twice,
Released the ultra **** video for Toxic
Had 2 UK number one singles: “Toxic” and “Everytime”
Had an extremely successful and money making world tour “Onyx Hotel Tour”
Released a DVD “In The Zone”
Attempted to film “Outrageous” video
Completely bust her knee
Cancelled her world tour
Announced Her Engagement
Been completely ripped apart by the worlds press
Been involved in running a paparazi down
Bought a puppy
Filmed another extremely **** video “My Prerogative”
Released My Prerogative single with worldwide success
Released “Greatest Hits : My Prerogative” Album
Released “Greatest Hits : My Prerogative” DVD
Broken Uk Greatest Hits Album record

This girl is 22, and in just 1 year she has acheived all this, and is still sane enough to tell her story…..

So whats rumored to be next:

Britney is going to be having a traditional christmas
Release “Do Somethin'” as a single
Release “Mega Mix” as a single
Release a new PS2, XBOX game
Take a good hard sleep, and return the beautiful Princess that she is…..

All of us here at Breatheheavy wish Britney the best, and give her a massive well done for last years acheivements, and give her a good luck with the future, and final give her a bloomin big round of applause YAY BRITNEY :laughing:……..

Writen By Tom C

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