One Direction's Streams Boost 700%+ On Spotify

One Direction’s sales boost 700% in the wake of Zayn’s departure, begins his solo career starting immediately.

After the former One Directioner announced he’s leaving the band, the group saw a 769% increase in plays on Spotify in the U.S. and up 330% globally.

According to The Wrap, “Moments” was the most reminisced song, followed by “Same Mistakes,” “Spaces,” “I Wish” and “Gotta Be You.”

Spotify’s head of label relations for Europe, Kevin Brown, noted there was a “spike of sadness” around 5 p.m. EST yesterday.

While fans are boo-hooing, Zayn is already onto the next. Paparazzi caught him heading into a recording studio the day he announced his split. In other words, his new manager is an evil genius.

Oh, and then there’s the unreliable rumor he didn’t choose to leave the band, but fired because of his alleged drug and alcohol abuse.

Whatever the case may be, One Direction continues to dominate. For now…