1D shut down Hollywood Blvd to perform “History”, “Perfect”, “Love Me Goodbye” live.


Won’t you stay till the A.M…

1D are midway through their US promo blitz for fifth album Made In The A.M. Their latest stop, on the eve of finding out whether their 4 album string of US #1s is maintained or broken, was late night chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The band sat down for an interview about the usual things – the break, that 22-year-old now officially Too Cool for 1D and…a potato?

One of Kimmel’s more unusual attempts at being funny, the host gave the boys a potato as a “stand-in fifth member”. Okay. He then got 1D to make an Instagram post about it and promptly made fun of fans as they followed the account. Because fan engagement is totally only something crazy girls do! He then played his infamous Lie Witness News prank on fans, seeing if they agree with any news about the band no matter how ridiculous or wrong it sounds. Isn’t tricking fans into doing or saying something just to laugh at them really kinda nasty?

1D were asked what they’re going to do on their break, making Kimmel the millionth interviewer to misunderstand that the purpose of a break usually involves not doing things. Nevertheless, the band all expressed an interest in travel:

Niall: “I think I’ve driven passed some of the biggest monuments in the world, but never actually stopped beside them. So it would be nice to go back.”

Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall then had Hollywood Boulevard shut down in order to perform on Kimmel’s outdoor stage, belting out some new songs and bringing back some old faves:


Love You Goodbye

No Control


Story Of My Life

One Direction’s next promotional appearance will be at the AMAs on Sunday.