Louis Tomlinson also says he’s “excited” about fatherhood.

One Direction's New Album Doesn't Sound "Too Different" From Previous Efforts

One Direction are looking forward to their break from the madness.

Half of One Direction sat down for an interview STV Glasgow to chat about their upcoming album, but they’re not really sure what to say. Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan say they want to describe their new record, but just feel like it’s the same sound fans are expecting.

“The sound, itself, isn’t too different, I don’t think,” Tomlinson says. “I always try new, different buzzwords for each album, but it’s just the same every time. We say ‘different, more mature, edgier,’ so you’re probably just gonna have to wait and see. We’re not very good at describing [it].”

He’s also asked about his baby on the way, and though he handles it like a pro, his body language shows a bit of nerves – either towards the prospect of fatherhood or the fact the interviewer is asking unapproved questions (we assume).

“I’m very excited,” he says. “It’s gonna be really nice [to spend some time with the baby].”

Watch the interview below:

The guys also announced their next single is titled “Perfect.” Harry Styles Tweeted, “Our next single is called ‘Perfect’.
Looking forward to you hearing it, hope that you like those apples.”

The single doesn’t have a release date yet, but we do know their upcoming record, Made In The A.M., drops Nov. 13.