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 One Direction's 'History' Video Directors Spill On Alternate Ending

You might be able to see the cutting room floor footage … one day.

As news for solo ventures for One Direction bandmates really begin to populate BreatheHeavy more than news about the group as whole, the reality of 1D has never been so apparent. We are officially living in a One Direction hiatus period.

It’s a sad (but celebratory) moment for all the Directioners out there and captured oh so appropriately in their latest video for “History,” which takes a look at their journeys from “X Factor” U.K. newbies to twenty-something men taking the reigns of their lives. However, some may have taken the clip’s final seconds to heart, considering all those reports of the band’s hiatus becoming indefinite.

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MTV News recently hopped on the phone with three of the video’s directors (Ben Winston, Calvin Aurand and Gabe Turner) to chat about the clip, which debuted last Tuesday, and more specifically that final outro.

“I see that a bit too much has been read into that one,” Ben admitted. “I think too much has been read into that ending where they walk off in different directions. Because actually, they do run back together at the end. But I don’t know why… Gabe, why did we cut that last shot where they run back together at the end?”

Gabe confessed that the footage just “didn’t look that great,” and that there’s really no need to overanalyze anything because the foursome are on a break, after all.

Aside from the small ending note in “History,” the directors also spoke about the feelings they wanted conveyed with this video. “It is celebratory because it’s been an incredible ride for everyone. It’s been a joyous thing. It’s always been a really positive experience,” Aurand explained. “But obviously the emotion of it lies in the fact that they are taking a little break, and in the moments in the video where they hug and such, where you can kind of feel that it’s not just the fans that are emotional, but they are too. They love their fans and they love what they do, and I think the video was just trying to share with their fans that they feel the same way.”

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